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Electricity Holding Group Celebrates Sector Day

Electricity Holding Group (EHG) celebrated Sector Day on the 1st May with its employees to commemorate the government’s decision to re-structure the electricity sector which took place in 2005.  As part of the celebrations, various Group companies organised staff gatherings, activities and engagement across the Sultanate.

Ghada Al Yousef, Executive Manager – Group Communications and Sustainability said, “As a Group, we believe that our human resources are pivotal to the success of our sector, and this is evident from the various projects launched during the past years to pave the way for further success.”

In 2013, EHG in conjunction with the International Management Institute (IMD) in Switzerland concluded a two-year program for emerging leaders in the electricity sector during which all participants were involved in a number of projects which aimed at exploring alternative and new value adding projects which can support the sustainability of the sector.

On the same year, the Group identified fourteen “Ruwad” which represent some of the highest performing employees in order to support them in their career planning within the sector and to ensure that they are placed within the succession planning programme for senior leadership positions.

In support of the above initiative, EHG and Veolia Environment established the Utility Center for Competency Development (UCCD to develop employees’ capacities in water and energy sectors, and encourage Omani talents to realize their full potential with a complimenting Integrated Talent Management Framework (ITMF) to provide an integrated approach to recruitment, development, performance management, compensation and training. The objective of this approach is to make the human resources functions operate more efficiently and to create an integrated approach for managing people which can allow EHG respond more effectively to business needs.

The Human Resources Strategy acts as a foundation strategy for EHG’s five year business plan with a vision to provide electricity solutions by optimizing and utilizing its resources through implementing five critical strategies namely: human resource development, health, safety and environment (HSE), customer service, asset management, and communications and sustainability.