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Knowledge Sharing Conference Officially Launched

November 2014, andthen followed with a program that will feature a number of internal speakersand utility industry experts in addition to a series of “Afkar” workshops whichwill be designed according to the needs of each strategic programme.

The first day of the Conference will feature the top fivespeakers in EH Group who will be undergoing an evaluation by a group ofindustry experts during the coming months. Additionally, the conferencecommittee will be inviting a number of local and international speakers thatwill share best practice in all five strategic programmes: Human Resources,Customer Services, Asset Management, HSE, Communications and Sustainability.

The second day will feature “Afkar” workshops which will beattended by a number of staff, experts and advisors in the local andinternational utility industry. “Afkar” will cover business development ideasproduced by EH Group staff for the purpose of realising new or more benefitsfrom the existing strategic programmes or any new proposals that can supportthe Group in building on past experiences.