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Electricity Holding Group and ESO Announce the Results of Earth Hour 2014

ElectricityHolding Group (EHG) participated in Earth Hour 2014 through its partnershipwith Environment Society of Oman (ESO) through the provision of data onelectricity consumption during this period in addition to supporting thecampaign by encouraging all group staff’s participation.

Duringa press conference held at the Grand Hyatt Muscat, EHG and ESO announced theresults of Earth Hour 2014 during which Eng. Abdullah Al-Badri, CEO of MuscatElectricity Distribution Company, stated "We are pleased to announcethe saving of 67,000KWh on electricity consumption which alsotakes into account the annual increase of 9% in our customer base.”

“The increase in the customerbase is mainly driven by the industrial and commercial sector growth in thecountry and we have to focus our efforts on further awareness for this customersegment. It is also worthy of mentioning that we have held this year’s campaignon a weekend, during which there is a higher consumption than weekdays, and itis impressive to note that we have managed to achieve such savings in spite ofthat, and this reflects the achievement of the ESO in promoting awareness,” headded.

H.H SayyidaTania bint Shabib Al-Said, ESO’s President, added “on behalf of the ESO, Iwould like to express our delight for these results which were achieved throughthe dedication of individuals and corporates. With the success of the campaignin Muscat, which equated to almost half of the total savings this year, we arehoping to drive further reduction on consumption during Earth Hour  by spreading the awareness across thecountry.”

“Itis important that we capture three key areas through this campaign: social,environmental and economic. The Electricity Holding Group are engaged in theprocurement, generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricityfor the country, and we are committed to raising awareness about our rolecombined with the public’s role in demand side awareness for the benefit ofreducing the burden on government subsidy, changing the culture of consumptionand to reduce our carbon emissions,” said Ghada Al Yousef, Executive Manager,Group Communications and Sustainability.

Followingthe press conference, a panel of judges consisting of EHG and ESO membersannounced the results to the EHG Staff Photo Competition in which 100 photoswere submitted and shortlisted for the completion.