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Nama Group brings together 3,800 volunteers in a competition to enhance volunteering culture

Nama Group (formerly known as Electricity Holding Company), has collaborated with Oman Network of Volunteers to launch a competition called ‘Wiyakum’ aimed to raise the capabilities of individual volunteers as well as volunteering groups.

The competition has brought together 95 different teams consisting of 3,800 volunteers from the different parts of the Sultanate, and will focus on developing the abilities of these volunteers to better serve their community as well as inspire others to get involved in the volunteering culture.

‘Wiyakum’ initiative was launched in Qurum Natural Park where 85 volunteers participated during the Sultanate’s celebration of ‘The world volunteering day’.

“We launched this initiative believing that giving back to the community is a responsibility of both organisations and individuals and we chose this competition to help the youth showcase their talent and passion for giving. We aim to help the participants further by honing their skills in projects that will help serve their community. This competition fits perfectly into our sustainability pillars as it aims to provide long-term benefit to individuals and communities”, stated Electricity Holding Company’s Sustainability Manager, Abdullah Al Shukaili.

Along with the competition, the group has also conducted multiple workshops aimed to strengthen the volunteering culture and encourage individuals to get involved.

Participants of the ‘Wiyakum’ competition will have the chance to showcase their ‘volunteering project plans’ till the 20th of this month to a specialised evaluation panel to choose the winning projects at a later ceremony.