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Nama Group Participates in “Oman’s Energy and Water Exhibition and Conference 2015”

As part ofits sector day celebrations, Nama Group –formally known as Electricity HoldingGroup- has participated in “Oman’s Energy and Water Exhibition and Conference2015” which coincided with the “Arab Efficiency Day”. The group hasparticipated in the event with several papers regarding the latest achievementsin the sector.


The group’sparticipation consisted of three papers, the first one “Investmentopportunities in the power and water sector” was presented by Eng. Yaqoob AlQumi, Chief Operation Officer at Oman Power and Water Procurement Company(OPWP), and The second paper was presented by Eng. Khalil Al Manthari, Head ofthe renewable energies department at Rural Areas Electricity Company (RAECO)and titled “Renewable Energy”, and the third paper “The national plan for theelectricity sector in the Sultanate of Oman” presented by Dr. Adil Al Busaidi,Manager of the Asset Management and Planning department at Oman ElectricityTransmission Company (OETC).


Eng. Omar Al Wehaibi,CEO of Nama Group, said “Our participation in this conference through thevarious papers is a vital aspect of sharing the group’s latest achievements towardsour vision in empowering and developing our human resources to provide safe andsustainable energy to our customers. We have also provided a technology cornerwith the collaboration of young Omanis to encourage innovation in the renewableenergy sector as well as spreading awareness on Sustainable Energy Conservation”.


He also addedthat “Nama Group strives to provide any new advancements that benefit theconsumer. At Nama Group, we work hard towards providing a better customerexperience through the usage of the latest technologies to reach the largestaudience in the most effective manner, we aim to provide the best services inbilling, meter reading and payment systems”.