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Nama Group Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Nama Group marked its 10th Anniversary on the 1stMay 2015 with the start of a host of commemorative activities and events acrossits eleven subsidiaries in the electricity sector. The spirit of the celebrationis linked to the success achieved in all areas of its operations; generation,transmission, distribution and supply of electricity in Oman.

The Group initiated a re-branding activity at the start of 2015with a view to implement that Nama Brand that reflects its collective vision to‘empower its human resources to deliver safe and sustainable electricitysolutions to its customers’. With a view to strategise businessperformance goals, the Group adopted five strategic pillars in 2012 covering HumanResources, Customer Service, Asset Management, Health & Safety andCommunication.

Being the cornerstone of the Group’svision, the customer service improvement programme is supported by thestrong foundation of the human resources strategy which will provide anintegrated approach to performance management driven to create a meritocracy.

In response to the latest innovations inthe field of customer service around the world, the Group adopted a holisticapproach to utilize best practice to improve customer service in theelectricity sector. To achieve this objective, the group embarked on developingtheir customer service operations by using the latest technological developmentin the areas of billing, meter reading and other related services.


The Health & Safety strategic programme focuses on the provision ofsafe electricity solutions for customers through the adoption of internationalstandards in work practices and operations, whilst the Asset Managementstrategic programme introduces new systems and process that can support thereduction of system losses through the improvements in the quality of theinfrastructure and operational efficiencies. The Communication strategy providesthe framework, policies and tools to enable the successful engagement with allkey stakeholders.