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Nama Group to sponsor OCCI’s Business Opportunities Forum

Nama Group has recently sponsored the “BusinessOpportunities Forum” as a gold sponsor. The forumwas orgnised by Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s(OCCI) that was held on the 16th to 17th of November atthe Oman Exhibition Center.

Nine contracts have been signed during the BusinessOpportunity Forum with a value of OMR 159 Million for different projects thatthe group will be undertaking on 2015, moreover the Group presented its mostimportant projects for the year 2016  with value of 400 million the forum brochure.

Thesigned projects included a project to improve the network in Al Rustaq in SouthAl Batinah, as well as another project to supply electricity to governmentalentities in Wilayat Ibri in the North Sharqiyah region and a project to build transformerstations in Ibra and Salalah. Furthermore, RAECO signed a contract to supplyfuel to power generation stations that belong to it. As part of improving thecapacity of the network, There are also three projects to build threegeneration stations in Saih Al Kheirat in the governant of Dhofar and WilayatKhasab in Musandam and Wilayat Musairah in Al Sharqiyah.


 “The Group is working to support the needs ofeconomic growth through cooperation with the concerned authorities to implementprojects. The forum provided an appropriate platform to identify the suppliersand contractors with the most important investment opportunities in developmentof the group for 2016” Stated Eng. Omar Al Wehaibi, Nama Group’s CEO