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World Bank:electricity sector of the Sultanate of Oman as one of the key players

The World Bank 2015 report has recently hailed theelectricity sector of the Sultanate of Oman as one of the key players of makingit easier for businesses to work in the Sultanate. The World Bank conducts anannual report called The Doing Business Report” which providesobjective measures of business regulations and their enforcementacross 189 economies.  In the 2015report, the World Bank stated that the electricity sector in the Sultanate hasleaped 64 positions since last year, which counts as the highest improvement inpositions worldwide.

The World Bank has attributed these changes to theelectricity sector in Oman started fully recording the duration and frequencyof outages as well as streamlining administrative processes and reducing the paperworkneeded to complete transactions. Nama Group has contributed to these positive changesalongside its partner and suppliers which driven by a workforce thatconstitutes of 91% Omanisation.

One of the two main changes highlighted by the report was NamaGroups initiatives of recording the duration and frequency of outages toanalyze outage data, identify and eliminate inefficiencies and promptly fix anyerrors. This is mainly done through the Supervisory Control and DataAcquisition system (SCADA). The SCADA system acts as master control system forthe grid which is connected through its own telecommunications network whichcan run independently from the telecom providers in case of provider errors. Thissystem allows the monitoring of power flow, supply and demand as well as everyother action in real time, which can work efficiently to minimize effectedareas during outages and quick response. 

The group plans to utilize an Energy Management System to gethigh level studies for expanding the networks to increase efficiency of theoperations in real time by giving forecasts and scenarios based on real time. Thenext phase of improvements to the system is to connect the Energy ManagementSystems and Distribution Systems to receive higher levels of reporting and dataanalysis so that the company can work on increasing reliability and accurateforecasting.

A Key change to the system since last year is that since lastyear, the system has been linked to monitor the supply and demand whileadjusting power generation autonomously, which works to maximize efficiency andgreatly increase reliability.



This additional process is one of the latest technologies inthe industry and Nama Group is amongst the first to bring this technology tothe region.

Another variable that has led to the great improvements inthe World Bank rankings is the streamlining of processes and reduction ofpaperwork. Since Nama Group’s rebranding, many of these benefits have quicklystarted seeing effect as the group streamlines its activities. The utilizationof streamlined processes and internal policies means that the group canefficiently serve its customers under one roof, while increasing the capacityof its staff through standardized training and knowledge sharing.

“We are proud to have been designated as the best improvingelectricity group around the world, our engineers and support staff have made thispossible through their hard work. We are proud that the SCADA engineering teamis a fully Omani team that is considered one of the highest skilled teamsaround the region, which has reflected in the World Bank’s report. We aim toincrease the skills of our human capital and our next phase will be tointroduce a simulator to educate the engineers on different scenarios in realtime. We aim to further improve our subscribers experience and work towardshigher ratings” Stated Eng. Omar Al Wahaibi, Nama Group’s CEO.