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In partnership withNama Group, The Environment Society of Oman (ESO) recently opened its firstoffice in Dhofar as part of its ambitious expansion plans. The inauguration washeld under the auspices of HE Shaikh Salim bin Aufeit Al Shanfari, Head ofDhofar Municipality, and was attended by ESO board members and staff, Nama Group’srepresentatives and sustainability committee members, governmentrepresentatives and senior management of major companies operating in the Governorate.The new facility was developed as part of a Memorandum of Understanding betweenESO and Nama Group signed in February 2015.


Commenting on theinauguration, Eng. Omar Al Wahaibi, Chief Executive Officer, Nama Group said, “Oursupport for the new ESO office fits very well with our Sustainability Policy’senvironmental objectives. It is our shared responsibility to preserve andprotect Dhofar’s natural beauty, and the new ESO office, along with the treeplanting activity, will enable more projects to be implemented and encouragefurther participation of volunteers from the region.”


Mohammed AlMashani, ESO’s Dhofar Board Member, said: “The opening of our first office inDhofar reflects our growing commitment to the governorate. Since our inceptionwe have developed a number of key projects and campaigns to support the environmentin Dhofar, including the Frankincense Research project and native tree plantingcampaigns. With the launch of our new office we will be able to elevate andbetter coordinate our conservation and sustainability efforts in Oman’ssouthernmost governorate.”



 As a sign of their commitment, this week ESOhas planted (XXX) native trees at public schools in Dhofar with the participationof Nama Group’s Sustainability Committee members and senior members from DhofarPower Company, enhancing forestation in the area.


 With ESO possessing a large membership andsupport base in Dhofar, the society’s new branch will focus on strengthening tiesto the Dhofari community in addition to boosting environmental causes withinthe governorate.


The society wasfounded in 2004 by Omanis representing different regions of the Sultanate andin 2009 was accepted as a member of the International Union for theConservation of Nature. Being the first organization of its kind in Oman, thesociety has worked for over a decade to promote conservation and environmentalissues throughout the Sultanate. With a number of landmark campaigns alreadyunder its belt, the inauguration of ESO’s latest office is set to herald a newera for the society’s expansion plans.