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Electricity Holding Group takes part in SQU Job Fair

ElectricityHolding Group (EHG) participated in SQU Job Fair which is organized by SultanQaboos University from 11-13 of this month. The Group Human ResourcesDepartment presented the employment opportunities available to graduates aswell as the Group's activities and the training program for students in variousfields.

Ghada Al Yousef, Executive Manager, Group Communications andSustainability stated “We strive to ensure that our human resources areequipped with the necessary skills and experience to deliver the strategy. Ourprojects aim at supporting the future plans and some of the most important onesare the Utility Center for Competence Development which facilitates talent developmentin the sector, Integrated Talent Management Framework, which will enhance thecapacity of human resources and ‘Ruwad’ which is a project that aims at developing andpromoting talent for potential leadership positions”.

 EHG actively participates in variousexhibitions and forums to promote its strategic Human Resources Departmentprojects and to present job opportunities for Omanis.