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“My House is Safe” project presents a training program in home safety and first aid

Sustainability committee, the committee responsible ofinitiatives support and community care, at Nama group has recently approved Al Ghubrah Power & Desalinations Company’s “My House is Safe” project, which is a community-based project that hasstarted on March and will continue till December 2015.

This project aims to provide an opportunity for rehabilitating familiesand spreading awareness about how to act when, for an instance, there is a firein the house or in the car, how to protect the house or car if such incidencehappen, and the proper way of using a fire extinguisher. Moreover, this program provides training on first aid basics, such as treating injuries andhelp speed up the healing process. It will also cover both theoretical andpractical training for the target groups. Not to mention that this project willprovide massive opportunities for those who want to volunteer from thecompany’s employees.

Theproject has already started a training workshop for 5 trainers to qualify themto train the targeted groups in the field of home safety and first aid. Theproject expects to initially rehabilitate around 200families from Bowshar through 12 training sessions, and it will also focus onsports teams, voluntary teams, teachers, university students, and otherdifferent categories.